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In such a cottage you can spend hours doing simply nothing. Meditate or vegetate. Look out at the Himalayas or pluck an apple to munch.....

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Client Testimonials
  • Amongst all the wonderful memories with you,  the old tall tree outside your house and the time we spent around the fire whilst having dinner and breakfast will always be cherished.

    “ Suman Parmar and Ashvin Parmar ”
  • Marvelous memories of a beautiful area, Amazing Place, You Are Really Rapt and Shocked, Some Kind of Magical World, A lot of Breathtaking Place. I really recommend everyone to visit.

    “ Bubu K Leena. ”
  • Not a single day is passed without a mention of shoran from the time we returned. it was an unforgettable experience, one which is permanently carved in our memory. the place, the flowers, the family, our home at naggar !

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    violet designs

    “ Satyajit Saraf ”
  • Not to over state the place – it’s truly amazing and everything that Dacey below states and more – we have stayed here with Chandan and his Family on a number of occasions and they are, Fantastic, Warm, Kind & Loving people… There is an abundance of things to do in the area – I spent day after day cycling and exploring the Kullu Valley and it’s many off shoot roads and tracks… Love the tranquil and peaceful area and it goes without saying Chandan, Kalpana and Mum & Dad are The Best – Love and Miss You All …

    “ Ian Satcitananda Teunion ”